Thursday, June 24, 2010

Math Headstarts for Toddlers!

Most kids and parents are usually more intimidated by Math than they are English or Reading. Math is actually an easy subject to both teach and learn as it is purely based on logic. Starting your child early on math concepts will give them a confidence booster and help them love math. As soon as your child can speak in sentences and communicate, I would start teaching them how to count. Start by counting up to 10 and then up to 100. Introduce the concept of greater than and smaller than. For example, ask them what comes after 20? Ans: 21. That's right. 21 comes after 20 because it's bigger than 20 and so on. Make or purchase flashcards with numbers on them. Teach your child to recognize the numbers as they learn how to count. Most parents do not start this process until their kids start kindergarten and for others even till they start grade 1. Pleae don't think that your child's too young for this process. Try it and you will be amazed at what a toddler can absorb and retain. Get excited when they are slowly picking it up. This will excite your young child and encourage him/her to want to try more. Get them excited about numbers by pointing them out around the house and when you go out. Point to vehicle license plates, street signs, shop signs, etc... and ask your child what those numbers are and which number is the biggest or smallest. You might even want to be adventurous and teach your child how to write out those numbers but I'll cover writing numbers in a different posting!:) One step at a time...:)


  1. Crystal, maybe you can do a post on abacus. I taught Brennan using two hands, and have picture of fingers in his mind like 5(left hand) +3 (right hand) = 8, and didn't let him count fingers. Once they are familiar with all the combination of 10. They will have a great foundation of addition and subtraction =)

  2. That's funny you said that. I've actually been teachign Abacus myself and have come up with my own curriculum using Abacus as a tool, in addition to a ton of other newer math methods. I'm in the progress of developing it with a programmer now to offer it online. It's a very exciting process and I can't wait to release it!


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