Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Reading Tip #10: Reading to Learn!

A good reader makes for a successful writer. Expose your child to all sorts of literature, magazines, and news articles. Your child does not necessary need to "JUST" read classics. Allow your child to read silly books, poems, and even comics. Every writer has their own style of writing and it's great for your child to see and learn those different styles. As your child recognizes the differences in styles of writing, they will learn to develop their personal fashion of composition. Start introducing news articles to your children. It helps when you sit down with them and go through interesting news articles. The website - http://www.ourlittleearth.com/ creates electronics newspapers specifically for kids and at a subscripion rate of just $12/year, it's not a bad investment. TIME Magazine also has created a TIME for kids edition and have versions that start from the kindergarten-age group. Other great magazines/newspapers include National Geographic Kids, Scholastic News, Sports Illustrated Kids, Stone Soup, Weekly Reader, Dig (Archaeology magazine), Wild Animal Baby (for Toddlers), New York Times Upfront (for Teens), Odyssey (Science magazine), and Newsweek (Fourth Grade and up). Your child will be able to learn a much formal style of writing, learn about current events + science, and will be able to transition to reading grown-up magazines and newspapers much easier!  

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