Monday, June 21, 2010

Reading Tip #9: One Book at a Time!

I've noticed that many kids try and read multiple books at a time. While this may seem fun, and for a parent, seem like your kid is an avid reader, I probably would not recommend encouraging such a reading habit. Your child will learn to focus and retain more details of a book if he/she reads just that book to the end before advancing to another book. It will be fun for you to hold on to all the new books and as your child is done with one book, he/she can place that book on the bookshelf and choose from your keep of books for his/her next book.

That being said, if your child does not enjoy the current book, it is alright for him/her to stop reading that book and pick a new one. Try to find out why your child did not like the book. If it's because your child does not like the style, story or thinks it's boring, that is ok. However, if it's because your child finds it more difficult to understand, that's a different story. You can set aside that book and have that book be one you read together with your child. This way, your child can slowly get used to a harder read and you will be there to explain any part(s) your child does not understand!

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