Friday, July 16, 2010

A fun way to learn a new language!

Since we're on the topics of summer camps, I have to give a shout out to an innovative summer camp: Concordia Language Villages.  Concordia Language Villages is the premiere language and cultural immersion program in the United States. They are advocates for language learning. For nearly 50 years, Concordia Language Villages, in the beautiful North Woods of Minnesota, has been boldly and optimistically pursuing a vision of peace and understanding by introducing learners to the languages and cultures of our world. Kids live in "villages" of the language of their choice and are immersed into the language, culture, and cuisine of that country. The kids are called "villagers".  So how do villagers learn the language when counselors speak only that language and don’t explain in English?  Speaking the language to villagers, without using English, is a hallmark of immersion language learning. Counselors help villagers understand the Village language in many ways: gestures, pictures, pointing, facial expressions, actual objects, mime, repetition, examples, demonstrations, use of themselves or villagers as models – to name a few!

Although providing an English translation is one way to support understanding of another language, it’s not one we use very often. For instance, the counselors would tell a child that a certain new word means “lake,” and say the word “lake” in English to explain. However, they can also explain it just as clearly by saying that new word and pointing at the lake.

They even have a fun family program where you can attend the camp as a family!!! This seriously is a great way for your child to learn a new language!

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