Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's Grammar Time!

Grammar is often overlooked when teaching your child English or how to read. Yet this very basic knowledge can easily be the difference that separates a good writer from a bad one. Good grammar can make the reading of an essay or paper so much easier and smoother. In addition, if you start your child on a strong grammatical foundation, it will stay on with your child through all his/her years of schooling, even till their college years!

Grammar can be boring to little kids but I have found that kids LOVE learning grammar through songs and games.

Schoolhouse Rock has a whole grammar section that is fun. You can find schoolhouse rock videos on youtube or if you prefer to own the DVD, check out Target, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. Grammaropolis is another fun site filled with free online videos, books, games, and songs all about grammar. It is a fun way for your preschool through elementary-aged children to go crazy with online.

The following are websites where you can find free worksheets for your child to practice on:


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