Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Summer of Family Fun

I am a huge advocate for creative learning. What is creative learning? Creative learning is teaching your kids about academia subjects in a fun and innovative manner. Often times, your kids may not even know they are "studying" or "learning" something new. The summer time is the perfect opportunity for your family to go wild and crazy with fun learning ideas. Check out Family Education, a site where they have suggested lots of great activites your family can do together all summer long. Although they don't include "lesson plans", be creative with the activities they've suggested and insert little lessons in those activities. For example, an outing to the zoo or aquarium could be a good time for biology. Grab magazines and books about land and sea animals from the library or bookstore and learn about the different mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, and sea creatures together with your kids. Seeing the pictures come alive is fascinating for kids and you'll be surprised by the information they have retained. Let them know that when you guys have gone through the books, they would have earned a whole day at the zoo with ice cream or something like that! Even a simple activity such as sidewalk chalk drawing could be a fun time to learn about Picasso and all the other great artists. Show them their works and have your kids make their own art with chalk or paint. Have fun experimenting with different activities and let us know what you've done with your family!

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