Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An Update to a Previous News Article

Here's an update to my previous posting Texas says NO to millions of government grants! 27 states have adopted our nation’s governors and state school chiefs release of their final recommendations for national education standards and about a dozen more are expected to do so in the next two weeks. This is all in part to the Obama administration’s Race to the Top competition. States that adopt the standards by August 2, 2010 win points in the competition for a share of the $3.4 billion to be awarded in September. Massachusetts, a state that has the highest test scores in the nation, is one of the states who have adopted this new policy.

I'm excited for this new change. It is important to note, however, that this change will take time to really make a difference. Curriculum has to be first studies and changed, several times over the course of the next couple years. School administrators and teachers will have to get used to the new curriculum and be trained on how to teach. There are also a few states who are strongly opposed to such a change. Texas, Alaska, and Virginia are a few of those states who are not in agreement with a nationwide curriculum. If you are in those states and agree that a national curriculum would be a start to a better education for your kids, do write in or talk to your state's officials!!!

Any thoughts, disagreements, or suggestions, please feel free to post!

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