Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is your refrigerator too cluttered with your kid's art?

Doesn't it make your toes curl and your heart flitter by seeing what cool art your little one's cute fingers create? You want to post it all over your refrigerator...WAIT...you probably already do that! You may even have a whole wall dedicated to your budding artist. A cool way to keep all your child's art is to create an artbook or photobook of all the art. You can either scan the artwork or take a picture of it with your camera. Online products such as Blurb is an awesome venue for you to create a lasting memory of your child's creations. You can even have it published for sale online. This may be a great way to start your child's college fund or help out a charity your family supports!!! I love Blurb because of how easy it is to create a professional looking book!

It's also fun to put your kids' artwork in frames and replace them with new art every month. Not only does it bring a whimsical feel to your home, it's an original and cheap way to put art on your walls! Want to add some educational insights to your children's art? Pick about ten to fifteen art pieces and have your child write a short story about it. Although they may be completely random pieces, this exercise will help develop your child's creative thought and writing process. Plus this way, you can create children's books/poems authored and illustrated by your own child. Now, how's that for added coolness?

What do you do with your children's artwork?   

Image courtesy of Sarah Jane Studios 

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