Thursday, August 26, 2010

Research Shows a Good Kindergarten Education Makes Dollars and Sense

This is such an interesting article/study. It also further fortifies the importance of early childhood education which many teachers and parents alike generally put aside as unimportant. Here's an exerpt from the actual article:
"Harvard University economist John Friedman says he and a group of colleagues found that students who progress during their kindergarten year from attaining an average score on the Stanford Achievement Test to attaining a score in the 60th percentile can expect to make about $1,000 more a year at age 27 than students whose scores remain average.

Taking into account all variation across kindergarten classes, including class size, individuals who learn more--as measured by an above-average score on the Stanford Achievement Test--and are in smaller classes earn about $2,000 more per year at age 27.

Moreover, students who learn more in kindergarten are more likely to go to college than students with similar backgrounds. Those who learn more in kindergarten are also less likely to become single parents, more likely to own a home by age 28 and more likely to save for retirement earlier in their work lives."

I can certainly attest to this study. Here's why. The kids that I started teaching at a younger age proved to be more confident of their abilities. Since they adapted to learning difficult concepts from a young age, they were not afraid when given a more difficult task or problem. In fact, it was easier for them to grasp these newer concepts. Also, because they learnt the fundamentals at a younger age, it gave them more time, as they progressed to elementary level and then secondary level, to challenge themselves in more difficult areas of studies. I strongly advocate teaching your child from a young age. It will surprise you how much your child can actually take in and handle. Try not to underestimate your child's abilities!!!:)


  1. Back home in Hong kong, the start formal education at two and half or three year old. Sometime I feel it's too much for the little ones, but compare to the US system, they are just two extreme. I agree with teaching them yet, you can just see them absorb everything like a sponge when they are 2-6, way before they start 1st grade =)

  2. I agree...they are two definite extremes. If we can find the perfect balance between the two systems, I think we would have found the perfect education system for our kids! Working on that!!! :)


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