Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Anaheim White House Owner Bruno Serato Feeds Motel Kids

I was reading about Bruno Serato and how he has been feeding the so-called "motel kids" and it really hit something in me. It started when Serato and his mother was visiting the Boys & Girls Clubs in Anaheim when he noticed a small boy eating potato chips for dinner. When they found out that he was doing so because his parents couln't afford to buy him dinner, Serato got some ingredients and went to the kitchen to make them some pasta. Since then, he has delivered over 250,000 meals to such kids. It's amazing how so many families in America do live in motels and who can barely afford to feed their families. Even in the harder times, I've never had to want for necessities and I can't imagine little children having to live for these necessities that I take for granted so easily. I just can't help but wonder what if the billions of dollars we spend on wars, petty .politics, getting involved in other countries' needs were spent on the children in America instead? What a different America it would be then!!! I hope that one day I too can contribute as much as, if not more than these heroes like Bruno Serato...(crossing fingers VERY tightly!!!:)

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