Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The LunchBox Project

"Chef Ann is one of our Food Revolution heroes. She’s proved that you can produce a freshly cooked meal for the same amount of money many schools are spending on processed, re-heat foods. Her new fantastic website has loads of recipes and tools to help you do the same and give kids in your school REAL food.”

- Jamie Oliver

Chef Ann at a school's newly created salad bar.
I know it's tough to think up of new lunch ideas that are easy to prepare and won't grow old in the stuffy lunchboxes in your child's book bag. Chef Ann has come up with a new website called The Lunch Box to help moms and dads combat that. You just have to register for free to be a member of the site and you will gain access to a ton of free menus and recipes for creating healthy yet yummy school lunches for your children. She's also included a massive video library that contains everything from culinary techniques to interviews about school food change. In the future, there will also be video icons embedded in recipes to guide the user to the pertinent technique to be used in the recipe! If you're involved in your school's PTA or simply want to play an active role in evolving your school's lunchroom, Chef Ann has also provided tools including evaluations, grant finding and writing tools, feasibility studies, case studies, Farm to School resources and more so you can consider and begin to take action to transform your school district’s food program from a highly processed to a scratch-cooking environment.

If you have additional financial resources, you can also donate to the LunchBox Project and Jack Johnson of the All at Once Community will match funds up to $2,500 to help feed all children healthy school food. Their goal is to reach $20,000 by October 15th so do spread the word around!

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