Friday, September 3, 2010

Teacher evaluations and their salaries

I was watching the news about a new proposal for teachers to be evaluated with their salaries being affected as to how well their students' scores are. I think it's great that we're heading towards the right direction. I have never believed in a uniform pay scale for teachers. Teachers, like any other employee of other professions, need to be kept motivated and wanting to improve each day. However, I do not agree with simply evaluating them on their students' standardized scores. This will simply leave the parents out of the picture and more parents will expect the teacher to do all the work for them. Instead, that should be a breakdown of "points" in the evaluation process. This is what I came up with:

40% = Student's standardized scores
30% = Parent's Evaluation (with comments)
30% = Principal's Evaluation

A bonus of up to 10% can be added to the teacher's score. This will be based on the teacher's evaluation of the child's parental involvement and the child's learning ability. This will also be a good way the teacher can "plead" his/her case. These evaluations will be handed to the principal and vice principals for review and they can determine as a collective group how much of the 5% will be added to the teacher's score. All evaluations should then be submitted to the superintendent for review.

It's true that sometimes a child may be slower at learning. At the same time, a good teacher will try his/her very best to work hand in hand with the parents in improving the child's scores. If the parents' involvement is absent in the process, the teacher should be able to recommend to the head of department or to the principal that this child needs extra remedial and that the parents need to be seriously talked to. If, after all is done, the child still fails to produce decent scores, I highly doubt that one or two students' scores would make a huge dent in the review of the teacher's salary.

Thoughts, ideas, questions??? Please comment!

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