Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Waiting for "Superman"

This new documentary - Waiting for "Superman" has got me SO excited! It brings on an awareness about the problems of our education system like never before. It is heart-wrenching to see children who have to ballot to go to a better school and the pitiful looks on the little children's faces as they anxiously wait for the results. Just watching the trailer itself has gotten me so fired up that I just want to jump out of bed and do something for these kids right now! If you are concerned about our education system, I'll bet anything that this truly is the documentary to watch! In addition, if you click on the link above to the documentary's official website and pledge to watch the film, you'll receive a $5 gift code to give to a classroom of choice at donorschoose.org. A tagline from the documentary: "The fate of our country won't be decided on a battlefield, it will be determined in a classroom." is something I firmly believe in. OUr children will be faced from a very different society than the one we live in now. It will be a global society that is filled with intense competition, not only from within the United States, but from people all around the world. If we don't equip our children with the best there is in education now, we may be crippling their future success!

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  1. This movie was brought up in a class of mine and I immediately thought of this blog. The trailer you posted is much better than the one on the official movie site right now. Thanks!


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