Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Wish #2: Scribble Press

If you are heading down to NYC or L.A. anytime soon, it might be fun to hit up Scribble Press!  Scribble Press is a fully stocked studio to help your child write and illustrate their own book, and they will bind it as a hardcover or board book while you wait!  In-store publishing projects start at just $15. Scribble Press even has onsite designers to help you turn all your kids' artwork into a beautiful custom book. In addition, you can host your child's birthday party at Scribble Press! Talk about fun! I love the whole concept!!!!



  1. What a fun idea! We'll be in LA around New Years, maybe we'll check it out with my nieces!

  2. thanks for checking out Scribble Press! What a terrific blog - we are adding to our favorites!

    Scribble Press


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