Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Wish #7: Izzy and the Candy Palace

Izzy and the Candy Palace was written by nine-year-old Isabel J. and illustrated by J.H. Everett.  Isabel wrote the story with the sole purpose of raising funds to help feed hungry children in her community. Per Isabel’s wish, 100% of the profits from every book sold will be donated to the Kids Cafe program of the Second Harvest Food Bank. Isabel hopes that through her creativity and artistic expression, she is able to help provide funds so no child will go to bed hungry. Izzy and the Candy Palace, is a playful adventure that follows a young girl as she tries to stop a well-meaning candy monster from blanketing her town with candy. Izzy quickly realizes excess can lead to disaster and eventually this spirited and precocious girl provides a thoughtful solution. 

This is such a fantastic inspiration to all. Each book bought will be able to provide 27 meals for a child. The only unfortunate thing about this book is that it is not quite readily available everywhere yet! However, you can purchase directly from Isabel's website (link above). Try seeing if your local bookstore can order a few copies in if you would prefer not to pay shipping or wait too long! You can also download free activities or coloring pages from The Candy Palace.

In addition, the MMJ Foundation has launch the Candy Palace Program. The Candy Palace program promotes the idea of children helping children through creative and artistic expression. This idea is captured by the three words: Children, Creativity and Caring. Isabel's passion for helping others spawned The Candy Palace program of the MMJ Foundation, named after her original story. This program empowers other children to recognize that, even at a young age, they can make a difference in our world. The Candy Palace program will hold a biennial writing contest for children who want to use their creativity to help other children. The winning story will be transformed into a professionally illustrated and published children's picture book, from which all profits will be donated to help feed children in America.

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