Tuesday, March 15, 2011


With all the new technology out in video gaming, it seems that some kids are having fun and getting their exercise from video gaming as well.

With games like the Wii Fit and Kinect Sports, kids are able to burn calories as well as have an enjoyable experience playing games.  
BYU recently did a study on this and found that "children of middle school age who played active video games like Dance, Dance, Revolution, and Wii Boxing, experienced moderate to vigorous exercise. In some cases, the energy burned was the same as walking a fast-paced mile."

According to another article, "Exergames became part of the P.E. curriculum at Sierra Vista Junior High in Canyon Country around 2003, when department chairman George Velarde decided to update the school's philosophy about gym. He added an exergaming room to the school's fitness center, complete with 16 Dance Dance Revolution games, 16 virtual reality bikes, and more.

"The kids don't even know they're working out," Velarde said. "But they are working out even more at moderate to vigorous levels because of exergaming."

A good thing to note is that although exergaming is fun, it shouldn't replace regular outdoor activity.  What are your thoughts on this?  

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