Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Find the inner engineer in your child!

A great way to encourage your kids to develop conceptual skills is through model building. It'd be a fun thing for a parent and child to do together, individually, or with the other siblings.  I believe it also encourages patience as well.  How early can you start your child on a project like this? I would say as long as he/she isn't putting things in their mouth and can sit for a period of time, that would be sufficient. You may have to be more hands on with the younger kids, but it will excite them and development a love for such engineering spirit in them. Even a quick 5-10 mins a day working on such a project will be a wonderful time you can spend with your child. As a child, I loved building things so please don't leave your girls out of these projects! They will love it too!  Here are some fun model kits you can purchase for your children to work on:

Revell 1:48 P - 51D Mustang

Vintage Plane - I love the color and style of it. It will be a great room decor for your little boy!

Zoob Mobile Designer Kit - More constructive than Lego.

K'nex has a TON of model kits for all arrays of projects - from building your mini amusement park to vehicle models to building models. I was pretty impressed with their low price too.

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