Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another Great Book!

Since we were on the topic of my toddler, Talon's favorite books...I probably should have shared his all time favorite book - There!  Every time we walk into his nursery, he turns towards the bookshelf and starts whining like there's no tomorrow. I would bring him closer to his bookshelf and he immediately reaches for this book. This silly boy can make his poor momma read his fave. book about tens times straight! Now don't get me wrong. I love books and I love that Talon loves books but really... to have to read the same book over and over again ten times in a roll, twice a day, everyday? I feel like I've lived with this book all my life! Silly silly Talon!

It actually is quite an insightful book. Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick actually won the Children’s Book of the Year Award 2010 from Children’s Books Ireland, known as the “Bisto Award”, for her picture book There. There is a magical and charming allegory about growing up. Carrying a large satchel, the eager child strides down a sidewalk as he asks, 'When will I get There?' His innocent questions take him over hills, through daisy fields and up into rainy skies. The full-page, softly rendered landscapes dwarf the inquisitive narrator, who wants to know, 'Will I wear sensible shoes and say sensible things? Will I never say anything silly again?... Will I know all the secrets?' In a clever spread, he wonders about finding her way through a 'jungle,' as the facing illustration shows him amid shadowy apartment buildings where wild animals lurk and a stocking on a clothesline is really a snake. Older readers will take heart in her hopefulness and determination to 'still build snowmen and sandcastles. Definitely.' In the end, he decides he won't go There today because 'I've got lots to do.'

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