Monday, April 11, 2011

Google to give $1 Million

According to this article, Google is planning on donating $1 million to local elementary and middle schools to help improve students math and technology skills.

According to the article,
"The district's statement noted that math is a key indicator of future academic success and that the grant would go toward helping socio-economically disadvantaged students in Mountain View's primary and middle schools.
"We really want to help level the playing field in math and make sure that all the kids in the district are getting a strong foundation in math," 
The grant is part of a broader Google campaign geared toward improving science, technology, engineering and math education -- often referred to as "STEM."
"There are a lot of jobs in technology, (and) there are going to be a lot of jobs in the future in technology," Spain said, explaining the importance of STEM education. "Not only that, but we will also all be using technology. We all need those skills."

Great to see a company like Google give back to the community!

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