Friday, May 6, 2011

It's my Birthday, an exciting new venture ...AND a Giveaway!

Can this day get any better? First off, I love birthdays! It's just so fun to have a cake...especially a big round, fudgy, chocolate one from Costco....hint hint to my hubby! Plus, it's a great excuse to indulge in such a delicacy! I also think chocolate just makes you feel young and makes the world go round! prepared for a nice long post! It's only because we have such exciting news to share! Next up:
The past year has been nothing short of craziness. We have been trying to build up a new business - Inception Learning. We actually did come up with the name before the movie Inception came along. I guess great minds think alike! Christopher Nolan....we have the same ingenuity! :)  Our product is called Abacus Prodigy. We have since developed an electronic Abacus keyboard - Soropad that will be connected to our online digital platform. There, kids ages 3-8 (we be continually expanding to fit ages 9 and up) can learn Math with a strong Abacus foundation, along with a full Math curriculum, using top problem solving techniques from China, Singapore, and Korea! Our site: will incorporate virtual tutors, practices, games, music, animations, videos, and assessment tests. We're still fixing a minor glitch on Mozilla Firefox. So for the next few days, it's best viewed in Google Chrome. Doesn't most of everyone use Chrome anyways? Maybe this is the PC vs. Mac talking in my head! lol... It's definitely exciting as we have been HATING the school system for a very long time. I think in Asia, it was way too academic and here-way too much focus on play and sports. I feel there's needs to be a good middle for the children to be well-rounded and be academically, physically, and socially capable! Hopefully, our products will help close up that gap! I believe that Math should be fun!!!  Why not? It can be fun solving difficult problems. Math also teaches children to solve problems creatively...which I feel is SO important in everything we do nowadays! Yes! Creativity is a MUST. The great thing about Abacus learning is that it teaches children conceptual skills at a very young age. I see the kids who have gone through my program approach things in a very different light. I LOVE the innovative spirit such kinds of learning helps instill in young children!!! 

Plus, we'll also be launching our ONE Revolution campaign the next few days! Stay tuned for that one! You'll LOVE it!

Our new Facebook page is also up: Please please please do help us spread the word through your very own Facebook, twitter, blogs, emails, whatever it is!!! Keep following our Facebook and blog as we will keep launching new and exciting things the next couple weeks and months!

If you become a fan, you get entered into our Giveaway! Plus, if you refer a friend to be a fan, post this on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc... you get an additional entry for each thing extra you do! So basically if 10 friends of yours become fans, you will get 1 entry plus 10 additional ones. Please comment on either our blog or Facebook page to let us know what you did to help spread the word to ensure your entry! The Giveaway will end May 15...which equates to PLENTY of chances for you to have multiple entries!  Here's what you stand to win:

A Melissa and Doug Wooden TOY Abacus

Waiting for Superman DVD, which comes with a $25 Giftcard

1 REAL Soroban/Abacus Instrument

On a side note, I would be lying if I didn't admit that starting a business takes up a lot of time and energy - both physical and mental. It's also been difficult juggling as a mom, wife, and starting a new venture. The nice part is I get to do this with my husband which definitely makes things easier. We take turns doing developing the business and taking care of our sweet boy Talon. Talon definitely gets a great amounts of attention of both momma and da-da because of this arrangement. We get to work from home too so that helps with the juggling! In addition, I was recently called to my church's women's organization as a secretary! Talk about double duty! But, I know with hard work and sacrifice comes great blessings! As tired I am by the end of the day, it is so exciting and fulfilling to know that Abacus Prodigy will help a great deal of kids start LOVING Math! 


  1. I'm a fan! I want to become an abacus genius!

  2. AWESOME!!! You will too!!! :)

  3. Wow! I am very interested but cannot seem to get to the actual web page. I live in Canada. Any idea about how I can get to the online Abacus tool?


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