Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Your Baby Can Read - What is it really?

So it's way cool seeing 8/9 month-old babies point to the object or do the action when shown the word on a flash card. I must admit I was extremely intrigued and got a copy. I went through the program and decided that it wasn't for me. (I almost felt like I could have gone to the zoo, filmed the animals with my camcorder, made my own flash cards, and still come up with a much better quality product...but hey it's sold millions of copies all around the world so who am I to complain? :) What it does is it teaches the child to recognize and remember the words. To a certain extent, your child could learn reading this way. It will take a longer time for them to recognize new words (until they form patterns in their brain that words spelled similarly probably sound similar) and it won't help with spelling. In comparison to phonics, it's still far behind. Phonics teaches your child to sound out the words. My students who went through the phonics program were all able to spell words they have never heard of or tried before simply by sounding it out. Still, any learning is better than no learning. I have known plenty of kids who have learn reading by word recognition. However, if you are going to spend the money on a reading learning system, I probably would put it towards to phonics system instead. The big difference however is that phonics will work once your child can start imitating words, sounds, and communicating. It probably wouldn't work with an 8-month-old baby. So if you are the parent who wants your child to be a baby genius and have extra cash lying around, by all means start Your Baby Can Read first and then switch to phonics once they start talking. :) What do you guys think?

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  1. Word recognition will probably work better in other language like Chinese. I believe Phonics is more efficient like you said. =) As long as baby is cared well (meaning that have interactive with Mom/caretaker on a constant basis) Baby will learn so much, even though it's not focus on language. So for me, I will say a Caring/Attentive Mom worth alot more than the book set. =)


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