Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Importing Talent

It is rather hard to get back into the groove of blogging after being sick for so long. I must say this second pregnancy has really taken a toil on my body! It's interesting how the human body goes through its own wears and tears. However, in my absence, I have been reading up on lots of articles and uncovered lots of new products. So...will try harder to keep it up and provide you with lots of interesting viewpoints and items!

Sean Yazbeck. Courtesy of Inc. Magazine.
I was reading the Inc. magazine the other day and came across an article about Sean Yazbeck. He won one of the seasons of The Apprentice and has since left the Trump organization to start his own company. His company - Wavsys - has had a 3-year growth of 760.1% and a 2010 revenue of $15.2 million. Not too bad! He was quoted saying: "We employ engineers and contract them out for things like setting up an antenna out in the field or writing code that will run the next generation of handsets. Our challenge has been finding the right kind of talent here in the U.S. We had to recruit engineers in Europe and Asia to find the right skill sets. That's why I am a big believer that the U.S. needs to create more opportunities to get children to study math and science."  I love that thought and agree with it 100%.

We've been having similar experiences in having a hard time finding programmers with the right skill set and great work ethic. It seems they're either missing one or the other. Can we compromise and deal with it? Sure. However, I feel strongly that in order for us to create a high quality product, we cannot allow such compromise. Recently too, I read an article hat the U.S. pumped $120 billion into rebuilding schools in Iraq. That infuriated me. It's sad that our money is going out of the country when so many of our own public schools are failing. Is everything about the U.S. education system wrong or bad? No, I'm certainly not saying that. What I'm saying is that we can always improve and we should be wanting to improve so we can keep our global competitiveness and advantage up. That's where we are failing our future generations! So how do we change that? Demand better curriculum and teachers in your schools! The parents do have the power. After all, parents are the ones who vote for our leaders who in turn create and maintain these public policies. Aside from that, always challenge your kids. Don't be afraid to. It teaches your child to learn to be competitive and not be afraid to fail. Failure is alright as long as they learn how to climb back up. Children are like sponges and can absorb information way better than an adult can! Trust that your child can be challenged and do not be complacent with simply what is taught in school!!! Supplement! Supplement! Supplement!

Global Competitiveness Ranking: International Business Times.
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