Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 is going to be a GREAT year!

We've been gone and we know it and we hate it!!! Truth is I had a very crazy past 2-3 months. Lots have happened for our business and on top of that I had a baby girl - Capri! We'll be back posting twice a week and slowly build up from there!! Capri and Inception Learning have been keeping us busy and exhausted with sudden rushes of adrenaline all at the same time. I'm not sure how that works exactly! :) Our two-year-old also seems to have a sudden spurt in energy now that his sister is here!!! I wonder why that is so???!!! Here's a short update:

Talon and Baby Girl Capri!!!
Inception Learning hit a few delays due to technical difficulties in engineering our Soropad prototype. It should be ready in a week and I will post about it. It looks so chic and modern by the way. The last few months have been about getting funding and am I so excited to announce that we got our first round of funding. We partnered with Groventia and I am so glad they are the ones we are partnering with. We felt so comfortable speaking with the board and we LOVE LOVE LOVE their founder - Kim! I feel like we will hit big strides with them as we are on the same page and passion on revolutionizing the education system! We will also be launching a Kickstarter campaign end of March so do watch out for that! Lots and lots are happening this 2012 so I will promise to update all of you on the growth and launch of Inception Learning and our product Abacus Prodigy! I must say it hasn't been the easiest road starting a new business and I get why not everyone is made out to be an entrepreneur. It takes a lot of passion, time and energy to make it happen. That being said, we feel SO good about 2012 and are just enjoying every moment! Thanks for keeping up with us and being patient amidst our absence!!!

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