Monday, January 21, 2013

Back and ready to roll!

It's been a crazy last half of 2012. Juggling two kids, making a last minute move to North Cal., and lastly pivoting our business Abacus Prodigy into an interactive app was no easy feat. I was definitely overwhelmed and keeping up with my dear Railroad Classrooms was the last thing on my mind. Moms who have more than two kids are my new heroines. How do they do it? With our move to North Cal., I had been researching preschools for my soon to be three-year-old. It is EXPENSIVE!!! Not wanting to plp down a four-digit amount each month for playtime and news of school shootings have given me new anxiety pangs! With that, I decided I will do my very own one-to-one preschool with him. I'm in the process of making a reward board and of course I have to think of a fun preschool name to make it more real to me. Every Thursday, I will post what I did and how my toddler liked/disliked it. If you guys have a cool name in mind, do leave it in the comments! I would also love to hear what you have done or are doing with your LO.

On a side note, this cute face just turned ONE!! How did that happened?

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