Thursday, September 30, 2010

Are schools embracing technology?

I found this news piece to be extremely interesting. In a society where apps, iphones, androids, and most of anything that has to do with technology has become more or less a norm, it is appalling to see many school districts still using traditional methods to teach our children. Kids today are more insync with technology than ever before. I remember I was probably 6 when my dad got us our first computer. Sure, perhaps it was a little later than most; but back then, technology actually cost a lot more. I remember it being a DOS platform computer - highly "ghetto"! Now, having a computer at home is second-nature to most households. Today's younger generation speak a different language from when we did when we were children. Leaving technology out of the classroom will disengage our children from learning and reaching the best of their potential. As I read this headline, the first thought that came into my mind was that this was probably the result of the lack of funding. It was great to hear from the panel that this was actually the opposite. It's only a matter of rearranging funds and redirecting them towards a technology-based classroom.  It makes sense that our school systems are shelling out more money by not embracing technology. Think about it...everything could be done electronically. Books could be downloaded, homework submitted online....we could even do away with purchasing school supplies. In reality, most kids will only need a netbook to begin with. The options are endless!!! I am so excited that MSNBC brought up this pressing issue. Hopefully, we will start seeing a change in our teaching methods! What about you guys? Are your kids adequately prepared for a technologically-infused future?

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