Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fun food!

One of my best girlfriends is currently residing in Japan while her husband works for the U.S. government. Her kids get to go to the Japanese schools and wear cute little uniforms. Seriously, the cutest uniforms ever!! She did a post about how ALL the moms in Japan take extra time to make fun and cute little bento box lunches for their kids to take to school with them and how she had to learn how to do so as well. How fun!!! I remember perusing a Japanese store in Japan Town in San Francisco and they had the most delightful molds ever. Not quite understanding what those molds were for, I never got them. Until I started reading her post about bento box lunches did it dawn to me what the little pink and blue molds of Hello Kitty face shapes and bunny ears were for! Now, I'm craving another trip to San Francisco's Japan Town, just so I can buy a handful of those lunch tools. Check out this site for lots of ideas and pictures of Bento Box lunches!

In my favorite book, Totto-chan, the principal made it mandatory for each child to bring a box lunch that contained "something from the ocean and something from the hills." I love how simple yet awesome this concept is. Not only is your child getting a variety of options in his/her lunch, it is definitely a great way to ensure your child gets a well-balanced meal! For example, you could have salmon with creamed spinach over rice. Delish!!! Can you also imagine your kid's face when he/she opens up the lunchbox in excitement to see what today's creation is?

What do you do that's fun and exciting for your child's lunchbox?  


  1. If only I actually did make bentos like that! My bentos are more like a remake of last nights dinner. hahaha I did find a hole punch that cuts out shapes for making faces out of seaweed to put on the food. and small letter cutters to cut out cheese or sliced bread to spell out my son's name on his food. yeah kind of lazy bento, but it is true that the kids love it!
    There actually is a kind of rule to bento, about what types of food. Here's one I've heard. 4-3-2-1. 4 parts rice, 3 part protein, 2 part vegetable, and 1 treat (pickled veg or something sweet) Interesting huh? The kids learn to how to eat well at a young age.

  2. Oh I bet yours is better!!! Haha!!! I love that rule!!!


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