Friday, October 15, 2010

Education Nation Scorecard

The Education Nation Scorecard lets you check out the schools in your area. It shows how the school/school district in your neighborhood fares in comparison to other districts and other states. It's a great way to gauge if you're looking to buy a house or simply to see what the school in your area is lacking in. This way, you can help supplement your child's learning by teaching him/her yourself or enrolling them in extra-curricular classes that will help them improve in the subject areas the schools in your neighborhood are lacking in. Hopefully, with such a public view of how the different school districts are faring, school districts will start elevating their educational standards and improving the hiring of quality teachers!! I think the website could provide more information and insights on each school - perhaps even individual school forums where parents and teachers can interact in, special programs the school offers, and so on. However, it's still a good start!

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