Friday, October 22, 2010

Smart is an American Value...

It is so true that students who excel in Science, Math or any other core subjects are not as recognized as Athletes are. I believe that most Americans focus too much on sports and how they want their child to be the next quarterback or dancer. I think parents need to understand that not every kid can be Michael Jordan. Only a small percentage of our population actually get to be in that league of professional sports. I don't think we should completely abandon encouraging our children to be strong in sports or love the arts. We need to encourage them to be an all-rounded child. However, I firmly believe that we must first instill a strong foundation in our children, should they not be drafted into the NFL or NBA or represent our country in the next Olympics!

Recently, I have been busy prototyping and have come to realize the importance of Science. How I wished I had the full knowledge of engineering, computer science, and so much more. In trying to find the right professionals to pick their brain, I also realized what a lack of engineers and programmers we have in the U.S. Perhaps instead of trying to stimulate the economy by giving out grants to improve and build our road infrastructures, the government should instead give out grants for the building of new inventions and the creation of new businesses. Building a new freeway exit will only provide work for a couple months at most, while a new invention may create thousands of jobs in the long run. 

Rachel Maddows sums it best when she says "we are a country that values smart as much as we value strong and fast."  It's a great start that we are heading towards that direction and I am highly optimistic about the future of our children in this great country! What are you doing to build that strong academic foundation in your child?

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