Thursday, February 17, 2011

Education or Daycare

When I first saw the highlight of this video, I was excited as I thought it might be a school modeled after Tomoe's school in Japan and I was very interested to study it. Upon learning more about it, my personal opinion is that this is merely a daycare and a deceptive blanketing of "educating in a creative way". I believe in fostering creativity and autonomy in children; however, children still need to be guided. Isn't that why we all start out as children and not simply flash forward towards adulthood? Tomoe's school had the structure of a curriculum and qualified teachers as its basis of foundations. Although the children in his school were free to pick which subjects they wanted to learn first on their own, the fact of the matter is there was an underlying structure to their learning.  This method of teaching truly allowed the children to define who they are and courses of study they find themselves enjoying most overtime.

What are your thoughts?

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