Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A New Way to Learn

This is the direction our schools need to be heading. Technology is so vital in our society today! A recent research showed that in the year 2020, 123 million high tech, high pay jobs but only 53 million Americans will be qualified to fill those positions. We need to build a strong foundation in Math and Science in our children. However, they can't just learn the theory of how it works. We need them to be able to apply what they learn to current projects and their daily lives.

With my son, I love how excited he is about technology and how smart he is at knowing what to do with it. He's only one but already he nows that he needs to slide across the iphone to view other pictures. I would love to keep engaging him in things that are high-tech. How are your kids equipped to meet the needs of the future?

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