Friday, May 13, 2011

Adrenaline Rush!

We recently had a meeting with a group of investors. Every time we meet with a potential investor, it is truly an out-of-body experience. You are hoping that someone else feels as passionately about the subject matter or what your company offers just as much as you do. It was truly gratifying to have quite a few guys come up to us, expressing their interest and exchanging contact information! 

As strange of a comparison, this sort of gratification is the exact same when one of my students wins a spelling bee or is told that he or she is so advanced that they need to be put into an accelerated program, and even then, it probably isn't enough of an improvement or challenge for the child. I have seen first-hand the confidence abacus learning has instilled in children. I remember the same students who would not even attempt to solve a difficult problem. After going through the program and my curriculum, they get a huge confidence boost and realize that Math is not so difficult after all. Suddenly, you see these kids wanting to solve difficult Math problems and they will sit there till it's solved. Sure the program is not exactly the same as what we're putting out in Abacus Prodigy. There were no interactive games, virtual tutors, or Electronic Abacus Keyboards. Imagine if I already had those tools from the start of my teaching days! Man...those kids would eat Math right up! Quite often, I wish I could translate the empowerment these kids get to adults. Sadly, there are adults who simply shrug off such wonderful learning methods simply because it almost sounds too good to be true. So you now understand why it is such an adrenaline rush to show others our product and get positive feedback in return! 8 years of teaching kids from both private and public schools and this feeling of satisfaction and gratefulness that maybe I have done something good today still stands. Perhaps this is also why our business means so much more to us. It is not simply a business to help us get a nice lifestyle. It is a do-good business. We are in the business of seeking a much better education for children all over the United States and throughout the world! It feels good knowing that because of what we are doing, some kids may find a fascination with Math and one day want to be an Engineer, Scientist, or Technologist! At least, that is our hope!

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