Saturday, May 14, 2011

Why We Are Having Problems Teaching Math to Elementary Level Students

I had a meeting with the chair of the Math Education Department at a neighboring University recently. I learnt, to my HORROR, that elementary math teachers are only required to take a maximum of 2 Math classes in their whole college career that devotes to Math teaching. They may choose to take more or an advisor may suggest they take more classes but the requirement is only 2 classes. I ask what the stats were of teachers who do take more advanced classes. Shockingly, he replied that it was rare to none. He told me that this is a huge problem his department is facing and as such they concentrate more on educating secondary level teachers. Wow!!! I then asked if this was universal in many other universities. He said he recently went for a conference and found that this was a similar problem many universities faced. And we wonder why we're rank 25th...oh sorry...recent stats show we are now 31st in Math out of 35 developed nations. Hmmm...  

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