Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Your child can be a Philanthropist NOW! :)

This is WAY cool! It would be great to start preparing now so as to host a great summer activity for your kid(s): Milk + Bookies -

Milk + BookiesTM is a nationwide charitable organization that inspires children to give back, using books as its currency.
  • At Milk + BookiesTM events, boys and girls are provided the opportunity to select, purchase and inscribe books that are then donated to their peers who do not have access to books of their own. The fun-filled events feature music, story time and, of course, milk and cookies.
  • We facilitate these events creating more and more experiences for children to be exposed to giving. Please visit our host-your-own page to read about the M+B class projectM+B birthday party and contact us for information on a book fair at your school.
  • Milk + BookiesTM combines two essential and worthwhile efforts: literacy promotion and service learning. While the book donations are imperative to our mission, just as important is instilling the seed of giving into each host and their young guests, sparking feelings of importance, self-confidence and the desire to give and give again.

This is such a great way to teach your kids about giving back. It seems especially important in today's society where kids seemed way more entitled. As much as secular education is important, I feel that this spirit of giving far surpasses any knowledge you can gift or teach your child. What other kinds of service activities do your children engage in?

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